''Sir Geoff - Geoff McAlister

Stuntman -- film & live performances, high falls, descends, water stunts, gun play, pyrotechnics, etc. Stage combat – sword fighting, jousting, wrestling & bare knuckle fights, javelin, staves and other medieval weaponry. Western-style gunfights.  Equestrian stunts – horseback riding and stunts (shoulder rolls, high flips, high falls, falls from horseback, horseback fights).

Trainer -- stunt safety, weapons, choreographed fights, horses & horsemanship.

Video and film experience for national and regional commercials for Medieval Times.  Print modeling experience for brochures, ads, souvenir programs, and action figures.

Excellent people skills. Able to work well as part of an ensemble. Reputation for handling crowd and one-on-one audience interactions exceptionally well in varied circumstances (theme parks, theaters, conventions, parades, festivals, trade shows, sports events, etc.)